The 6 things you might have forgotten to pack for your Makeover Photo Shoot

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

When you're packing your bag for your shoot, it's better to bring too much than too little. You may be concentrating on what to wear for you photo shoot but there's a lot more to think about!

1. Accessories for your makeover

While we are fully equipped with professional skincare & photographic make up products, if you would like fake eyelashes to be applied, then ensure you bring a new set along as well as your own eyelash glue.

Thinking about your hair style is important, if you want to bring along statement hair accessories like clips or fascinators then be sure to give them to your hair stylist so they can incorporate them into your look. For hairstyle ideas take a look at our Pinterest board and feel free to screen shot/print out looks to bring with you on the day.

If you'd like to wear hair extensions, please make sure they are clipped in before you arrive at the studio. It can be a time consuming process and we want you to be able to make the most of your time with our makeover professionals.

Ensure your nails are filed and polished or treat yourself to a professional manicure a day or two before your session. It may seem like a minor detail but untidy nails are very noticeable in some poses.

2. The secret of the strapless bra

The one thing that can ruin a beautiful makeover portrait is when an unwanted bra strap is showing. Straps can be tricky to hide and can really upset the aesthetic of a shot. We always suggest that you pack a strapless bra in your bag, when you're planning what to wear. Especially if your wardrobe choices include unusual neckline cuts like off the shoulder or halter-necks.

3. Pack your statement pieces

When you're styling your shoot it's important to think about accessories. One or two statement accessories can give your shoot a high fashion feel. Hats can add an instant fun and glamorous feel to your look. Other items that have real impact and you may consider packing in your bag are sunglasses, scarves and handbags.

4. Make it personal

If you had to express yourself in a photo, what would you choose to do? Why stop at beautiful, why not funny or adventurous? Why not talented or quirky? Your choice of props are an opportunity to let your personality shine. In the past, people have brought in all sorts of items to incorporate into their photographs. We have lots of ideas for Props to bring to your makeover shoot so take a look. What will you bring? Be Yourself.

5. Your perfect pets

We know that your pets mean a lot to you and we always enjoy capturing the love between you and your best buddy. Be them dogs, cats, rabbits, reptiles or any other cute creatures they're welcome in the studio.

6. Worth the wait

We have a stock of glossy fashion and beauty magazines for you to flick through during any down time you have while your with us here at the studio. However, if your partner is accompanying you to your shoot and they're not partaking in a Makeover, they may have a little time on their hands while you're with our glam squad. If fashion and beauty mags aren't their thing, we advise they bring along some entertainment to keep them occupied during their short wait in reception.

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