What to wear for your Makeover photo shoot

Personality is at the heart of what makes our shoots unique. Planning your outfits for your makeover photoshoot is a fun part of the experience. Whether you're splashing out on a shopping spree or raiding your wardrobe for forgotten treasures, your outfit options are endless.

It's time to grab a glass of wine, put on your feel-good playlist and create some looks you love! You have 3-5 outfit changes to play with. Use these ideas to guide your choices...


If it sparkles, stick it in the bag!


Your go-to outfits for those relaxed days


Got some retro gems tucked away in your wardrobe? Give them a moment to shine! Ask your make-up artist for a vintage-inspired makeover to complete the look.


Take this opportunity to get some formal photographs while you're all scrubbed up!


Be it your bridal dress, your wedding guest outfit or a bridesmaid dress you want to get more use out of


Is your work your passion? Or perhaps you just want a few headshots for LinkedIn


Who doesn't love to spend their time maxin' & relaxin'?

Fashion Trends

If you're a natural fashionista use high street trends to guide your choices

Dress to impress

You can never go wrong with your favourite frock


Costumes, fancy dress, and onesies are a way to add a bit of fun and silliness to your session


Activewear is a great choice, even if posing for a photo is all the working out you'll be doing in it!

Interests & Hobbies

If you had to express yourself in a photo, what would you choose to do? We love it when clients add their own unique flair to their shoots. Anything goes!


Bristol is known for it's amazingly diverse street style. If you have a unique look, don't be shy - show it off!


If you want to reveal a little more, you're welcome to bring along some lingerie


If you're a sun worshipper or just love to be in the water, you might like to be photographed in your swimwear


If you're coming to the studio with someone else, matching or coordinating your outfits is a top tip!

Full length

If you want to add some movement to your images, long skirts and maxi dresses are perfect. It's great to get some full-length shots to add to your image collection.


Celebrate special occasions, seasonal celebrations or events with themed photos


Some ideas for the guys...


Finally, be sure to pack some accessories to complete your outfit. From hats & handbags to jewelry and sunglasses. Oh, and don't forget your shoes!

For more ideas on what to wear, head over to our galleries. You can always follow us on Instagram to see what other customers bring to their session.

If you have a session booked in and you're still not sure what to bring the team are here to help! Give the studio a call on 0117 909 8985 and we'll be there to chat with you about some ideas. This is a once in a lifetime experience and we want to make sure it's perfect for you!



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