What to expect from your Makeover photo shoot

"I hate having my photo taken"

This is a phrase we hear all too often. Many of you work hard to avoid the camera when it's pointed in your direction. You tell us that you never look good in photos, that you don't know how to pose so you always look awkward. Sound familiar?

It's such a shame, so many of us don't have pictures of ourselves to be proud of. We're here to buck the trend and have made it our mission to give women of all ages portraits they're proud of.

First step... relax!

Almost every woman who talks though our doors is a little nervous, it's totally natural. Our receptionist will welcome you with a smile, take your bags and coats and find you a seat. You'll be offered a glass of Bucks Fizz, tea, coffee or a soft drink to enjoy while we chat with you about your experience.

Have a natter...

While you enjoy your drink, we'll have a chat with you about your Makeover. You'll be given a form to complete, asking questions about how you would like your Make up (Natural, smokey, vintage etc) as well as about how you would like your hair styled (Straight, waved, curly etc). We'll also talk about your photographic session so you can tell us about the ideas you have.

The Makeover transformation

Our fully equipped make up studio is kitted out with professional skincare & photographic make up products. We also provide hair equipment for straightening, curling & styling to complete your makeover transformation. We have created a Pinterest board full of hair styles to give you some ideas and inspiration.

Our hand selected, professionally trained make up artists will create a look based on the discussion you have with us at when you first arrive at the studio. Having a professional do your make-up means they know how to do camera-ready make-up that will truly make you feel and look exquisite! They may apply more make-up than you’re used to but remember that some of it naturally ‘falls away’ under studio lighting. We want you to be happy, so speak up if you want to make an adjustment. Have a think about what style of make up you would like (smokey, natural, high fashion) and visited our dedicated Pinterest board if you're not sure what you like,

In the studio...

Now that you're looking and feeling phenomenal, it's time to accompany one of our experienced portrait photographers into the studio! You can show them all the outfits and props you've bought along and together you decide on the order of your wardrobe changes. While you're popping on outfit number 1 in our private dressing room, your photographer will be preparing backdrops that will compliment what you're wearing.

If you've never had your photo taken by a professional before, there's nothing to worry about. Our photographers are experts at what they do. They'll guide you into naturally flattering poses and make you feel at ease in front of the camera. The key is to relax and have fun, you're here to enjoy yourself. Let go and have a laugh, your final portraits will be all the better for it.

You have up to an hour in the studio, which is enough time to make 3-5 outfit changes. We recommend bringing a variety of outfits. For example, a casual outfit (jeans) a formal outfit (suit/evening dress) a fun outfit (sports kit/onesie/PJs) and perhaps some lingerie as a fourth outfit, if that's your thing. If you have a good selection of outfits, the images we will create for you will be more diverse and really express your individual character.

Time to choose!

Once you've completed you shoot, it's time to have a little rest - you deserve it! Enjoy another cup of tea, coffee or Buck's Fizz in the reception area while you photographer hands over your pictures to one of our image consultants.

Your image consultant will spend approximately 30 minutes editing your shoot. They'll get rid of any dud photos (for example, any in which your eyes are closed etc) and present you with the best of the best! They will apply some filters and convert some of your photographs to black & white. These filters and effects can be swapped depending on your individual taste.

Get the tissues ready...

Time to see yourself as never before! You'll be invited into your own private viewing room to see your beautiful photographs for the first time. You'll view them all in a presentation slideshow that's sure to blow you away.

You image consultant will then help you select your 'keepers'. We have a huge range of options available from digital collections to photo books and wall art. You can see more about our product range here.

Enjoy for a lifetime

No matter how you choose to present your photos, we want them to be enjoyed for years to come. That's why our products framed and printed using archival quality materials so they'll never fade or discolour.

Let's create some portraits that you'll be proud to show off!


We are the leading portrait studio in the southwest and we want to make a portrait that will warm your heart and fill you with joy