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Grow Experience

It's a magical time; you are welcoming a new life into the world and there's so much to look forward to.

Every day brings huge change - be it your bump getting larger, your newborn reacting to the world around them or your baby developing their own character.

The Grow experience is designed to capture this rapid, wonderous changes across two photographic sessions.

How it works

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Capture the moment

The early days of parenthood are a total whirlwind. Stop for a moment and let's capture some precious moments for you to treasure forever.


This experience consists of two photographic sessions. You can choose one of these shoot combinations:

  1. Bump to Newborn
    Book your first session when you're 28 to 34 weeks pregnant and have a nice, round tummy. Then, make your next appointment straight after birth when they're still tiny, wrinkled and totally reliant on you.

  2. Newborn to Baby
    Book your first session straight after birth to capture those delicate newborn photos. Then, make your second appointment at around the 6-month mark. Your baby will be starting to discover the world around them and finding their own character We'll capture those wonderful expressions of surprise, glee, and happiness. 


Our Studio

We are the leading portrait studio in the South-West. We have been specialising in Family photo shoot experiences for the past 17 years. With a state of the art studio space and a team of very skilled photographers & editors, we aim to create amazing images where your family are the stars of the show

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Our Products

Consider your taste, space & budget

What scale do you want to display your images at? Do you want big pieces that make an impact in your home? Or a smaller, more subtle collection? 

Where will you hang your portraits? 

What products will suit your home?

Our fantastic team is on hand to help you answer all those questions & more. You have so many options to choose from with our stunning product range.

Hi, I'm Jess!

With over 6 years at Clifton Photographic under my belt, I am now the manager of the Family Studio in Bristol.


I ensure that everything runs smoothly day-to-day. It means a lot to me that every family who visits us has an amazing time.


I love presenting clients' images to them during the viewing session (which, for me is the best part - I'll never get tired of the smile and pride on people's faces!)


When i'm not in the studio, you'll find me doing creative and experimental shoots with my friends and family.


Frequently asked

What Our Clients Say


The Barclay Family

"Thank you for being so patient with us. We were all made to feel at ease and hove now got some wonderful memories"

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