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Fairy Experience

Inspire their imagination...

Once a week the studio is transformed into a fairy wonderland, with an immersive set including a forest backdrop, toadstools, magical pond, and woodland creatures.


Using a creative storyline our amazing photographer will take your little fairy or elf on an exciting adventure!

How it works

B275102 Pryce SH -43.jpg

The adventure begins...

Your little Tinkerbell can join the butterflies and bunnies of the enchanted woodland and live out her dreams in the world of make-believe. A choice of amazing outfits makes the experience complete. In the wardrobe, you will find Fairy and Elf outfits sized to fit ages 1-10 years old, plus a selection of wings, wands, flower crowns and a bow and arrow for the brave!

​Inspire your child's imagination and create stunning works of art where your little one is the star of the show.

Our Studio

We are the leading portrait studio in the South-West. We have been specialising in Fairy experiences for the past 10 years. We have perfected our stunning magical woodland set including beautiful ornaments and enchanting creatures to bring the space to life.

Based in Clifton, Bristol and on London Road, Bath our studios are easily accessible to all Fairies based in the South-West.

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B289008 Phylips SH-1.jpg
B273040 Turnbull SH-16.jpg
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Our Products

Stunning artwork, made to treasure

Here at Clifton Photographic, we put quality at the heart of everything we do. Using archival materials to protect and preserve, our products are built to last.

We are in a digital era, there is no denying that! However, we whole-heartedly believe that print isn't dead. In fact, it's more valuable and precious than ever before. While we do offer digital options, we specialise in creating stunning artwork to be displayed in your home.

From statement wall art to beautifully bound photo books, our many years in the industry has taught us which products stand the test of time and offer only the best to our customers.

Other Themed Experiences


Dancers of all abilities get ready to take center stage. Plie, tap and twist around the studio. Every young dancer dreams of being in the spotlight and with the dance themed experience they can! 


Sports Legend

Your little Tinkerbell can join the butterflies and bunnies of the enchanted woodland and live out her dreams in the world of make-believe. Inspire their imagination with the fairy themed experience.

294251 Dash AB-2.jpg



Look, up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane, no it's Superman! With great power comes great responsibility...

They can be the star of the show with the superhero-themed experience

Frequently asked

What Our Clients Say


From Scarlett's Mum

"Great experience, the little one was so excited and we now have some lovely artwork. Felt right at home every step of the way"

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