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Why photographic studios offer complimentary sessions

We have been welcoming customers through our doors for the past 18 years. We love seeing loyal customers return to the studio every year. However, we are delighted whenever we see new faces through our camera lens! We, like photographic studios across the country, offer complimentary sessions on a regular basis for exactly this reason!

Complimentary sessions give a great opportunity to those who aren't sure if a studio portrait session is right for them. These sessions allow photography studios to invite new customers in for a photoshoot without putting any pressure or a financial commitment onto them.

The Adekola Family who enjoyed a complimentary Family Experience in October 2019

If you're selected for one of these complimentary sessions then you'll enjoy the exact same experience as our full price packages. All of our sessions here require a fully trained, professional portrait photographer in a state-of-the-art studio, a skilled editor and retoucher as well as an image consultant who presents the final images. A skilled studio team can put in anything up to 6 hours of work into a session using thousands of pounds worth of equipment and facilities.

Offering a select number of these sessions on the house means that the studio is fronting all these costs that are associated with having a professional photo shoot. The only commitment studios require for these sessions is a fully refundable booking deposit to secure your date and time in a busy diary. This is to ensure you arrive for your session because if a customer doesn't arrive for a shoot, there will be a photographer sat around twiddling their thumbs while someone else could have enjoyed the experience!

Shelby came in for a Complimentary Makeover Experience in October 2019

If clients have loved the experience and want to invest in some of the work at their viewing that is absolutely fine. A lot of people use their booking deposit towards an order. We guarantee the viewing experience is relaxed and there is no obligation or pressure to buy. Our philosophy is that we will do our very best for you and if you love the images they will sell themselves.

It’s a win win !

Here at Clifton photographic, we give away a handful of complimentary sessions every month. If you'd like to be in with the chance of being selected for one of these sessions apply here!




We are the leading portrait studio in the southwest and we want to make a portrait that will warm your heart and fill you with joy

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