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5 reasons to have a family photo shoot when your kids are teenagers

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

For parents of babies or nursery-schoolers, a family photo shoot is normally on the 'to-do' list. Many people think the experience is only reserved for the days when your kids are small whirlwinds of energy...but we beg to differ.

We often hear from parents who say it's 'too late' for their family to take part in a photo shoot experience. They worry that it'll be a struggle to find an appointment time between all the swimming lessons and birthday parties. They worry that their children won't be up for being photographed because they're in the shy, self-conscious stage. They worry that the photographs won't be as characterful, fun and full of energy as they would be with younger children.

Well, we couldn't disagree more - of course! Photographing teenagers is always a pleasure. It's a transitional period where young people's true character is developing. Whether they're thoughtful, pensive or just super cheeky we'll capture portraits that you (but more importantly, they) will love!

Here's a few reasons why you should have a family photo shoot when your kids are teenagers:

1. They're starting to find their own sense of style...

2. They have a great bond with their siblings

3. They're passionate about sport

4. They have their own hobbies and interests

5. They'll soon be flying the nest and these times are precious