Superhero Themed photoshoot in Bath

Superhero themed experience.

You must provide your own outfits


Cowabunga! Look, up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane, no it's Superman! Inspire your child's imagination. With great power comes great responsibility...


This shoot is designed to inspire the imagination and let your little hero live their dreams in the world of make-believe. With a state of the art studio and a team of very skilled editors, we aim to create amazing images by superimposing your hero onto different backgrounds and scenarios! If they can imagine it, we can bring it too life. So whether it's swinging from buildings or flying through the air, we will make it happen. 


Appointments available Tuesday to Thursday

Superhero Themed photoshoot in Bath

  • This package includes -

    • In-depth phone conversation with our dedicated shoot planners
    • A pre-shoot chat with your photographer upon arrival
    • Up to an hour in the studio creating your gorgeous Superhero portraits
    • Three hours of image editing by our highly trained image specialists to add some magic
    • A bespoke private viewing of your images up to a week later on a large HD screen
    • A mounted 5 x 7" print with our compliments

    Every appointment at the studio is subject to a fully refundable deposit taken at the time of booking

    Please bring your own outfits

    Vocuhers purchased from our website shop are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase