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Gymnastics Themed photoshoot in Bath
  • Gymnastics themed experience.

    You must provide your own outfits


    Focus. Timing. Attention to detail... and that's just the photographer!

    Dramatic portraits using amazing lighting techniques and creative posing.


    Gymnasts of all abilities get ready to take center stage. Cartwheel, twist and tumble around the studio while we capture your skill and poise. Every young gymnast dreams of being in the spotlight and with this experience they can! 


    With up to an hour in the studio, your photographer has the opportunity to capture a diverse range of stunning portraits. You can show off your leotards with dramatic full-length images and express your character with some gorgeous headshots. Bring your shoot to life with a range of props such as flags, ribbons, chalk and medals.


    Appointments available Tuesday to Thursday

    Gymnastics Themed photoshoot in Bath