What to expect from your Grow photoshoot experience

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

This a magical time; you are welcoming a new life into the world and there's so much to look forward to. Every day brings huge change - be it your bump getting larger, your newborn reacting to the new world around them or your baby developing their own character. Our 'Grow' experience is designed to capture this rapid, wondrous change.

This experience consists of two sessions in the photographic studio (in order to capture how your little one has grown). You can choose two sessions from the list below:

  • Bump - We photograph bumps from 28 to 34 weeks when you'll have a nice round tummy

  • Newborn - That special newborn is precious and so it's important that you make your appointment with us straight after birth

  • Baby - 6 months old is a great age of discovery, your baby can sit up without any support

The viewing of your images from both of the studio sessions will be about a week after your second studio appointment.

Once you've selected the sessions you'd like to take part in, it's time to start planning! Here's some useful information and helpful tips on how to prepare for each session:

Bump session

Wonderful News! You are pregnant and about to bring someone special into the world! Celebrate your beautiful change in shape with our bump session. We photograph bumps from 28 to 34 weeks when you'll have a nice round tummy. Wear simple clothing; clingy tops and leggings, bra and matching knickers, a big mans shirt or nothing at all! Help us capture some unique family portraits by bringing along any siblings. If this is your first child, just you and Dad-to-be are fine.

Newborn Session

Tiny, wrinkled and totally reliant on you. That special newborn look is precious and is most prominent in the first 3 weeks of life . So it's important that you make your appointment with us as soon as possible. Tiny babies are curled to the shape of the womb, so they can be gently posed to create the most appealing photographs. It is a good idea to feed your baby before you come to the studio to make sure they are fast asleep for the photography session. Remember to book early, these moments never last!

Baby Session

At about 6 months old your baby can sit up without any support, this is a great age of discovery. How far can they throw their rattle? Screaming at the top of their lung and entertaining the crowd? Don't worry, we are used to everything. During your session, we will capture those wonderful expressions of surprise, glee and happiness. Remember to dress your baby in Sunday best (nothing too big or busy), we may also ask to do some skin shots, as they never date! Don't forget a few favourite toys, the family dog or any siblings.

You're in safe hands with Clifton Photographic 'Grow' Experiences. Timing is everything when creating magical and precious newborn portraits. Check out our blog post on the best time to book your newborn session for all the details.


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