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4 top tips for planning your Makeover shoot

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

1. Spend time planning your outfits

You can have up to 3-5 outfit changes during your session. We recommend making the most of your wardrobe changes to bring a nice variety to your image collection. Think formal, casual, cosplay, stylish, sexy, fun or something completely different! Take a look here for more inspiration

2. Be prepared

Here at the studio we have professional make up artists and hair stylists who will make you look and feel amazing before you step in front of the camera. However, there are a few things you can do in the lead up to your session:

  • Make sure your nails are filed and polished

  • Your skin is moisturised

  • Your legs, under-arms and any other areas are as you would like them

  • If desired, ensure you apply fake tan a day or two before your session

  • We recommend visiting your hairdresser for a trim as we style hair but don't cut it

Also, spend some time thinking about how you'd like your makeup and hair to look so you can have a great consultation with your personal makeup artist.

3. Think about the little things...

Attention to detail can make a good shoot great! Arm yourself with accessories that work well with your chosen outfits. Jewelry, hats, glasses, scarves, fascinators and watches are a good way to complete any outfit.

4. Don't forget your simple staple items

Every woman has a little black dress for a reason! If you're struggling to decide what to wear just bring timeless classics such as:

  • Plain white shirt

  • Little black dress

  • Jeans

  • Fitted suit

  • Heels

5. Make it personal with props

Unlike some studios, we don't provide props. Why? Because we care about making every shoot unique. That's why we ask you to bring in items that mean something to you. This is an opportunity to have a lot of fun and get creative. We have had people bring in props of all shapes and sizes from musical instruments to motorbikes! What will you bring?

If you're struggling for ideas, we have a dedicated team of shoot planners here to help you. Not only will they find you the perfect time and date for your session, but they also have lots of advice, ideas, and guidance to help you prepare. We also recommend taking a look at our galleries to see how previous customers have styled their shoot.

Check out more posts on the blog for more tips on planning your makeover photoshoot.



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