Preparing your little Fairy for their photoshoot!

Here at Clifton Photographic, we have been specialising in magical Fairy photoshoot experiences for the last 10 years! During that time, we have perfected our enchanted forest set, collated many beautiful dresses and welcomed hundreds of fairies through our doors.

In this blog, we'll tell you how to make sure your little fairy (or elf!) is all set for their shoot and how to make the most out of the session.

What to wear

Our outfits are part of what makes this experience so special. We have a range of beautiful dresses that will fit ages 1-9 in a variety of colours and styles with flower crowns to top it off. We also carry a number of elf outfits complete with caps and a bow & arrow for the brave!

Before the photoshoot, your little one will choose their own outfit and accessories. If they have their own costume in the dressing up box at home, they're more than welcome to bring it along and they can be photographed in that as well as / instead of an outfit from our wardrobe.

Get all scrubbed up...

We ask that you make sure your fairy or elf look camera ready. We always advise that you make sure their hair is neat and tidy and styled how they'd like it. Plaits are a popular choice amongst fairies we photograph but as long as they're happy and comfortable, anything goes!

If your fairy would like a small amount of makeup, it's up to the parents to apply it before arrival at the studio. We would only recommend a splash of eye shadow and a lick of lip gloss at most.

On the day...

Please ensure that you arrive at the studio 15 minutes before the start of your appointment. Your little fairy will select her outfit & get dressed before heading up to the studio into the enchanted forest.

Using a creative storyline, our amazing photographer will take your little fairy or elf on an exciting adventure through to forest to discover toadstools, a magical pond and lots of woodland creatures.

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