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Our office dog had the best Birthday ever

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

There's a cheerful character in our office who always makes us laugh. Cilla the Peek-a-poo poo has captured the hearts of everyone here at Clifton Photographic.

We are a company full of dog lovers, that's no secret! We've been visited by lots of furry friends and their families, including 14 Dalmatian puppies!

Cilla's mum, Rachael, is the manager of our diary and shoot planners. She bought Cilla into the office for the first time in December last year, we all knew right away that she was going to be an important part of the team!

When Cilla's here, she lights up the office and adds a dose of adorable to everyone's day.

So, to say thank you for being a good girl, Rachael arranged for Cilla to have a special treat for her 1st Birthday...

That's right, Cilla had her very own photo shoot! It was complete with puppy popcorn, pawsecco, and a cake! Needless to say, the pictures are the most adorable thing ever...

Happy Birthday Cilla and cheers to being the beautiful bundle of fluff that you are!

To keep up to date on Cilla's shenanigans, follow us on Instagram where she pops up regularly!




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