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Mobile photography tips from professional photographers

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Do you enjoy snapping photos on your phone but get frustrated when they don't turn out as you had planned?

Our photographers have put together some top tips that will make you a smartphone photography professional in no time! 📸

Stick around until the end to get a tip that will bring your selfie game to a whole new level!

1. Clean your lens!

Give it a good wipe, even if it's just on your T-shirt! If your lens is foggy, your photos will be too! always start by wiping any fingerprints from your smartphone lens and make sure it's streak-free

2. Check the resolution

Have a dig around in your camera settings and make sure your phone is taking high-resolution photos. Many are set to medium resolution by default to use less storage. Select the highest resolution you can, this is often measured in MP (megapixels).

3. Discover camera modes

Many modern smartphones have built-in settings like portrait, sports, nighttime or burst mode. See what settings your phone comes with and how you can make use of them when you're shooting. For example, burst mode is great for capturing lots of photos in a small space of time so you can go back and choose the best one!

4. Composition is king

Turn on 'grid mode' to split your screen into 9 squares. Place your subject in one of the intersecting lines to follow the rule of thirds. If you have a good eye for composition, the rest is easy!

5. Tap to focus

Tell your smartphone camera what to focus on by tapping on your screen. Some phone will hold Always make sure your subject is in focus - very handy!

6. Keep it steady

Lean against a wall or table to keep the cameras still. You could even invest in a smartphone tripod if you're really serious - Blurred photos are never a good look!

7. Look for the light!

Understanding lighting is the key to good photography. When shooting, always make sure you have enough light or use the flash. Overcast days make freat, soft lighting while the 'golden hour' is a favorite for photographers.

8. Use your earphones

This one is a little known but AMAZING hack that will change your selfie game forever! While your camera app is open, use the button/mic that's built into your headphone wire to capture a picture without touching your phone screen!

While we love to live in a world where we can all carry a camera around in our pockets, smartphone photography does have it's limitations.

If you want to create stunning wall art for your home, we always recommend sticking with the professionals. The state of the art equipment and years of experience mean that they can create portraits to be marveled at rather than a mobile phone snaps that just don't quite cut it 🤷

Get in touch with the team if you're interested in booking one of our epic photo shoot experiences!




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