How to get your baby to smile for a photo - tips from professional photographers

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

As parents, we want to capture those precious moments in the first few years of our child's life. During this time we snap endless pictures of our little treasures but how often do you manage to get them to smile for photos?

Our family studio team are a dynamic team of expert portrait photographers. It's their job to gently encourage a smile out of babies on a daily basis. We've asked around the office for their top tips on how to get your baby to smile for a photo.

1. Play a game of 'peekaboo'

It's an old classic but it still works a treat.

2. Blow raspberries on baby's cheek

The noise and sensation of the raspberry always sparks joy!

3. Sing them their favourite nursery rhyme

Music always lifts the mood. Get mum to sing and a smile is sure to come.

4. Make silly noises

Well, this one is pretty standard when it comes to baby communication! We're sure most parents have mastered this one already...

5. Hold their favourite teddy behind the camera

Or any toy they're currently infatuated with. Try to hold it just above the camera lens so their eyes are looking in the right direction.

6. Fake sneezing noises

None of us can really explain this one, it just works! Give it a go.

7. Play a game of 'where's babies nose... where's baby's ear...?'

It always leaves little ones screaming with delight!

These are the techniques the professionals use to get them grinning! Give one of them a go next time you're trying to get a smile out of your your bundle of joy.

If you just want to leave the photography to us, then visit our website to learn all about our two-part grow experience. Designed to capture the change and development your baby goes through in the first few weeks of life.



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