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Get to grips with festival glitz - a makeup tutorial

Updated: Sep 12, 2018

With the festival season well under way, we thought we’d share how we created this awesome glitzy party look.

Festival make-up needs to last all day & night so it’s essential to apply a primer before you put on your base. Choose a long wearing foundation and set with powder. Use a powder blusher and powder brow product as these will last longer as well.

Eyes are the most important feature of the face and, when you’re at the festival, it’s your chance to make them stand out! Big cat eyes are a great way to do this. Apply a liquid gel eyeliner to the top lid of the eye, draw the line so it flicks up towards the end of the eyebrow. This will create a dramatic lifting effect. Follow the same shape with a bold colored eye shadow on your lid for extra accentuated eyes. For more of a cat eye look, use a black kohl pencil in the waterline and blend into the lash line. If you want to be more creative, try using a bright colour on the waterline instead. 

You should only ever apply glitter and gems to the same areas of your face you would put highlighter. The most flattering places are the tops of the cheek bones and forehead. For the glitter, first apply Vaseline and then put on the glitter with your fingers. Layer for a more intense effect. Gems normally need to be applied with eyelash glue. You can buy gems or glitter very cheap on Ebay or from craft shops. If you don’t mind spending a little more there are lots of brands online that sell glitter and pre-made formations of gems. This will also save you some time applying!

Eyelashes At festivals, the bigger the better! There are lots of places you can get them online. If you like you can even customise them yourself with glitter and gems. Apply a layer of glue to the eyelashes and wait for it to go tacky. This is key, be patient! Lay the eyelashes as close to your lash line as possible. Set the whole look with fixing spray for extra staying power.

Now you look the part, take to the fields and dance until dawn! 




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