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Fairy Tales Do Come To Life!

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

At Clifton Photographic, we've dedicated the past decade to crafting magical fairy photoshoot experiences. Over this time, we've perfected our enchanted forest set, curated a stunning collection of dresses, and welcomed hundreds of fairies and elves through our doors.

We can remember (just about that is) how boundless a child's imagination is, and we want to make our fairy photoshoot experiences even more immersive for them! In this blog, we have created a bedtime story for parents to read to their fairies and elves the night before their shoot to get them excited about the magical experience ahead.

Get your storytelling voice at the ready...

In a land not too far from here lies a magical and enchanted forest with toadstools and friendly woodland creatures to play with. However... it needs a fairy or an elf to bring its magic back to life!

Do you have the magic of the fairies? If you do, then the forest needs you, and to help bring the magic back, there's a few thing you must do...

Firstly, you choose your own fairy or elf outfit (it's very important to look the part!).

Then you follow a trail of colourful leaves towards the forest...

Once inside, you'll sit on one of it's huge toadstools and make a wish for the magic to return!

Then you'll need to cross the bridge over the shimmering pond. You can even say hello to the trolls underneath if you're brave enough! But don't worry; they won't bite...

When you've arrived on the other side, a little nap wouldn't be the worst idea to regain your strength, because once you wake up, it's time to catch the magical lights!

This means your fairy powers are working, and the magic is almost back! Catch the lights and let them go, it means the magic is starting to grow!

The last thing you need to do will require the book of spells! Holding it tight, you need to make a wish and make it count, because when you open the book, you will get a magical surprise!

Now the magic has returned! Be sure to give yourself a spin to see your fairy dust fly! The forest will forever be grateful for you, and never forget the power of the fairies resides in you.

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