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Behind The Scenes of Your Photoshoot: Meet The Team!

At Clifton Photographic Company, we're fueled by a shared passion for exceptional photography, but it's the dedication and creativity of our people that truly sets us apart.

With two branches based in Bristol and Bath, our devoted team of talented creatives are all committed to bringing your vision to life. When you come into our studios, it's important you feel welcomed, and having a team of friendly staff and photographers is key to making your experience unforgettable.

So, we think it's about time to introduce you to some of the faces behind Clifton Photographic! In this blog you'll discover a team fueled by creativity, innovation, and a genuine desire to exceed your expectations!

In our vibrant Bristol studio, the team consists of full-time professionals and skilled freelancers, all contributing their creative flair to our family and makeover experiences.

Within our family team, there is a diverse group of talented, full-time photographers who bring their unique energy and passion to every photoshoot...

Drawing on years of collective experience, our skilled team at the Bath studio are dedicated to capturing your special moments. From photography to edits and viewings, they handle it all and are truly a talented bunch!

Let's meet them...

As you can tell, our dynamic team of photographers are vibrant individuals genuinely passionate about capturing your moments. However, the magic doesn't stop there! Let's give the other invaluable members of the Clifton Photographic family a shout out...

From our personable experience planners, who skillfully guide you through the planning of your photoshoot, to our front-of-house extraordinaires extending a warm welcome to our studios... enter our glamorous makeup and hair stylists, ready to make you feel absolutely fabulous.... and not to be overlooked our production team who meticulously ensure that your images are printed to the highest standard. The list of talent within our team is truly endless!

For a deeper dive into our story and the origins of Clifton Photographic, feel free to explore our about us page.




We are the leading portrait studio in the southwest and we want to make a portrait that will warm your heart and fill you with joy

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