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5 things you might have forgotten to pack for your Family Photo Shoot

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

When you're packing your bag for your shoot, it's better to bring too much than too little. You may be concentrating on what to wear and what props to bring to your photo shoot but here are a few things you may have forgotten to think about...

1. Your child's Kryptonite

As parents, you know that your kids won't always play ball. As photographers, we have lots of tricks up our sleeve to get your little ones to relax and cooperate in the studio. However, once in a blue moon, we come across a child who really isn't up for having their photo taken. In cases like this, it's great if Mum and Dad come armed with something to gently bribe them into toeing the line! Be it an edible treat, favourite toys or the promise of a trip to the zoo. It doesn't happen often but it's good to be prepared!

(Saying that, sometimes the grumpy shots are very cute!)

2. Get off on the right foot

We care about making sure your portraits are perfect and want you to make the most of your session. Often people think they can't wear shoes in the studio but thanks to our curved infinity wall, the floor is solid and will not be damaged by shoes. We regularly have customers turn up with dirty shoes or no footwear to match their outfit. Sadly, these small details can have a big effect and some families choose to go bare foot rather than wearing footwear that's less than fabulous!

3. Belt and Braces

Not literally (although braces make for a great outfit!). We always advise customers to expect the unexpected. Accidents and spillages happen more often than you may think, so make sure have spare clothing, just in case your wee one does a... well... wee!

4. All creatures great and small

Don't forget your pets! We have plenty of dogs and cats visit us at the studio but if your pet is a little more unusual or exotic, don't let it put you off including them in your photo shoot. They're members of the family too!

5. As pretty as a picture

Make sure that your hair and make up is as you would like it before you arrive for your session. It's not a bad idea to pack a little cosmetics bag for mid-shoot touch ups and a comb to detangle hair.

Now that you have the essentials packed, you can think about styling your shoot. Here are 4 top tips to get you started....



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