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16 dogs who are professional posers

Full of love, compassion, loyalty and a whole lot of slobber; our pets are very important members of the family. We've had the pleasure of photographing many of your beloved companions in our studio and they never fail to fill our hearts with joy!

Here are some pets who know how to strike a pose:

smiling dog
say cheese

"That treat's for me....right?"

"If you pretend to throw that ball one more time..."

"A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous" Coco Chanel

The reaction to being called a good boy!

That loyal look

Nailing the 'beach wave' look

"I expect belly rubs after this mum"

Look at those luscious locks

"Is pink my colour?"

"I will catch the ball this time!"

Not guilty at all!

"Well.... its not going to throw itself!"

The moment you hear the biscuit tin open

So artsy

"I though you were gone FOREVER!"

We hope you enjoyed these pretty pet portraits. Want to see more? Head over to our pet gallery and check out some of the other animals we've had in the studio!




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