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15 Ideas for your pregnancy photoshoot

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Wonderful News! You are pregnant and about to bring someone special into the world! You want to celebrate your beautiful change in shape with a bump photo shoot but don't know where to start?

We've collated some gorgeous images from our archive to inspire you:

All hands on deck! The entire family can't wait to welcome the new arrival.

Your partner plays a vital role in your photo shoot - make sure they come along too!

It's about you as well as the bump. Make sure you look and feel your best with hair and make up as you would like them and clothes you are comfortable in.

If you want to do some skin shots, make sure you're wearing lingerie you would like to have in the photos.

It's a lovely idea to bring along special items such as gifts from loved ones.

You could also bring along some newborn clothes, shoes and blankets.

The all important scan photo is also a popular option!

It's never too soon for Dad jokes!

There are lots of artistic, creative shots you could try.

A maxi dress shows off your bump beautifully without revealing too much skin.

Or if you do want to reveal more skin then our poses ensure you remain covered where it matters

Older brothers and sisters are always welcome to come to along.

Be creative with your props and bring a variety of personal items to make your shoot unique

and sometimes it's Dad's beer bump that steels the show!

Toys and gift for the new arrival are perfect to bring along too!

For even more inspiration take a look at our Grow Gallery for more images taken here at the studio and check out our Grow Experience if you're interested in booking your own photo shoot.



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