12 portraits of dogs to help reduce your stress

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

We are in uncertain times. With all the news surrounding COVID-19 we wanted to add a little tonic to your news feeds.

So, here's some photos of cute dogs, just because...

1. Same here buddy, same here..

2. Remember to smile, otherwise, you'll end up with frown lines like this guy!

3. We're all in this together

4. Me looking at the panic buyers with disapproval!

5. Being glamorous isn't canceled

6. We have lots of spare time to work on our party tricks

**Attempts to touch nose with tongue**

7. That smile...

8. When you realise you're not going to get any peace and have to put up with your owners being around for yet another day of quarantine!

9. When you run out of indoor activities and try to make a game out of anything...

10. It's ok to stockpile dalmatian puppies, right?

11. Settling in for another Netflix binge like...

12. When the kids need entertaining...

We hope these pictures have brightened up your day a little!

Dogs are such important members of the family. We always love welcoming your pets to your family portrait sessions.

At a time like this, it's important to be supporting small, local businesses. You can purchase photoshoot experience vouchers from our online shop (see below).

As a response to the current situation, we have extended the validity of vouchers purchased from our website to 12 months (was 2 months) to allow for flexibility.

Stay safe and healthy everyone,

The Clifton Photographic Team



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