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 Everything you need to know before your little fairy photoshoot 

We have perfected our enchanted forest set, collated many beautiful dresses and welcomed hundreds of fairies and elves through our doors. Our studio is transformed into a wonderland, with an immersive set, forest backdrop, toadstools, magic pond and woodland creatures.


We want your child to make the most out of the session and inspire their imagination to create stunning works of art.    

271331 Gallardo IRH-29.jpg


Your little Tinkerbell can join the butterflies of the enchanted woodland and live out her dreams in the

make-believe. We have a wonderful wardrobe waiting for your little ones to arrive, with fairy or elf outfits aged 1-10 years old. We also have a selection of wings, wands, flower crowns and a bow and arrow for the brave. Alternatively, if they have their costume in the dressing-up box at home, you’re more than welcome to bring it along!

To browse for magical inspiration, check out our gallery.


As parents, we want to capture those precious moments in the first few years of our child's life. Our family studio team are a dynamic group of expert portrait photographers and it's their job to gently encourage a smile from the little ones on a daily basis. However, some help from mum or dad can go a long way to encourage this picture-perfect moment. Whether you play a game of ‘peekaboo’, blow raspberries, sing their favourite nursery rhyme or hold their teddy behind the camera, these are the perfect techniques to get them grinning.

let's get camera ready

We ask that you make sure your fairy or elf look camera ready. We always advise that you make sure their hair is neat and tidy and styled how they'd like it. Plaits are a popular choice amongst the fairies we photograph but as long as they're happy and comfortable, anything goes! 


If your fairy would like a small amount of make up, it's up to the parents to apply it before arrival at the studio. We would only recommend a splash of eye shadow and a lick of lip gloss at most. 

277626 Hill JB-1.jpg


 Please ensure you arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment start time

Double-check your travel arrangements to make sure you arrive on time.

Bristol studio - 74/76 Alma Road, Clifton, Bristol BS8 2DJ 

Bath studio - 8 Walcot Buildings, London Rd, Bath BA1 6AD 

If you are coming to the Bristol studio by car, you can easily park in Clifton Down Shopping Centre car park,which is located opposite the studio. 

If you are visiting the Bath studio, Ring-Go is available to book on the day in Morrisons. The location code is: 683214 or it may automatically come up with Morrisons Bath. This is the one that’s most successful, it is 24 hour parking for £6.60.

As there are stairs to the studio & toilets, please call to let us know any access requirements you may have

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