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Online Booking Terms

• You must be 22 or over.

• You must have a valid Visa Debit or Mastercard as a fully refundable booking deposit is required to book your session.

• You will be contacted by phone within 24 hours to pay your booking deposit which will be from £19.99. 

• We take a deposit to make sure you arrive on the day, we need to book make up artists and photographers so it ensures there is commitment from both parties. 

• Once the session is completed your deposit is to use as you wish, you can either have that one refunded, or most people like to use it towards credit in the studio. 

• If no contact is successfully made within 24 hours of reservation, we have the right to offer the session to somebody else.

• Company policy states that one an individual can only claim one promotional shoot per year.

• This automated online booking system only reserves your appointment. Your session will be confirmed once your booking deposit has been paid. 

• Once your session has been confirmed, and a booking deposit has been paid, the session is non-cancellable but may still be rescheduled if five working days notice is given.

• If five working days notice is not given, your original deposit will be lost and you will be asked to pay another. 

• If you have any more questions about booking, please call Jake on 0117 317 1953 or email

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