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Today, we still have the same philosophy about makeover and family portrait photography, as when we began in 2001. We are passionate about great photography. We consider ourselves lucky to be in an industry that is creative and exciting. We love what we do and love to be able to extend that passion to the public. Add to this our sincerity to offer great customer service at our friendly studios, as well as contemporary products, and you are beginning to get the idea of what we are all about.

Clifton Photographic Company opened its doors to the public on the 8th of August 2001. At that time the company consisted of a small team of three, Ed and Frank (the owners) and Dave who is still with us. Since then the company has been a runaway success. There are now three studios and the company has expanded and specialised in Family portrait, Makeover and Boudoir Photography. More recently they have expanded into Fairy, Ice and Ballerina themed shoots. Always striving to offer contemporary portraiture, keeping up-to-date with modern trends and taking our creativity on what we see around us in modern day culture has been a driving force of the ethos at Clifton Photographic Company.

The company now occupies 5000 square feet spread over three buildings on Alma Road. There are three unique studios and four private viewing rooms as well as having enough space for all of the facilities needed in-house from promotions to production. This ensures that our company has everything under its control every step of the way to offer great product experience and service.

We also have a satellite studio in Bath where a dedicated team offers all of the same services we have in Bristol. 

It takes a team of hard working professionals to run a studio. We like to think of the team at CPC as a family. Every team member is passionate about getting it right and offering you the best service they can, nothing else is good enough.

Thank you for visiting our web site. We welcome you to our company and hope you choose to use our services.

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